Oral Health Care 101: Halitosis Risk Factors

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Are you suffering from bad breath? Do you frequently have bad breath even after cleaning your mouth with mouthwash or other oral health care treatment to eradicate the condition? If so, your bad breath may be the result of an underlying condition that cannot easily be cleaned.

There are numerous causes bad breath, some which are easily preventable and some of which require additional treatment from our team in Enid, Oklahoma. Listed below are common risk factors for bad breath:

– Various substances you consume can cause bad breath to occur, including onions, coffee, and garlic.
– Poor oral hygiene that results in excessive plaque buildup and gum disease will cause bad breath.
– Medications can give rise to dry mouth, which is a known risk factor for bad breath.
– Underlying conditions in your body including liver problems, kidney issues, and respiratory tract infections can cause bad breath.
– Unhealthy lifestyle habits including smoking and chewing tobacco will contribute to bad breath.
– Dentures can often contribute to the bad breath if they are not cleaned properly on a nightly basis.
– Oral health ailments such as gum disease and toothaches can give rise to bad breath.

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