Experiencing dental trauma can be a nerve-wracking event for both a child and the parents. At Brush Pediatric & Family Dentistry, if your child experiences dental trauma, Dr. Chris Fagan and Dr. Tim Fagan are experienced and qualified to treat your child’s teeth. With our emergency services, we can help your child receive the immediate and proper care that they need. Please contact our office right away at 580-233-0043 and meet with our dentists if you require pediatric dental trauma in Enid, Oklahoma.

It can be scary when your child suffers from a dental accident or trauma. Dental trauma can occur as a result of various things, including a sports accident, a fall, or an altercation. As with any accident, it is essential that your child receives immediate treatment if they experience dental trauma. Some of the most common dental traumas include:

  • Primary and permanent tooth displacement
  • Primary and permanent tooth fracture
  • Alveolar bone fracture
  • Soft tissue laceration
  • Complex dental and maxillofacial trauma

In any trauma treatment, our dentists work to preserve the affected tooth or teeth. There are some cases where affected teeth may receive extensive damage and require a root canal or other treatments to restore it. If a primary tooth receives extensive damage, our dentists will not perform a root canal, as those treatments are used on permanent teeth. Instead, the affected areas of the tooth will be treated with an aggregate that prevents the inner tooth pulp from calcifying to becoming irritable. Dental traumas may also be treated in the following ways:

  • Splints: an orthodontic wire attached to affected and neighboring teeth to hold teeth or bone in place. Often times, the wire is attached with composite adhesive to maintain a more natural appearance.
  • Temporary fillings: used to treat tooth fractures and quickly relieve pain. These fillings are removable for later treatment.
  • Fragment re-attachments: dental adhesive used to re-attach the fragmented part of the tooth.
  • De-coronation: a method to treat ankylosis in primary teeth (a fusion of the alveolar bone and the surface layer of the tooth). The ankylosed tooth is removed to allow the permanent tooth to erupt properly.

If you have questions about dental trauma or our treatments, we invite you to call or visit our office today.