Oral Cancer Screenings Can Save Your Life

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For your benefit, Dr. Tim Fagan and Dr. Chris Fagan offer an oral cancer screening as part of your complete initial oral examination. This will help you maintain a strong and healthy smile for as long as possible. We proudly offer this treatment because if oral cancer is detected early, it can increase your success rate and improve your treatment options.

The screening is a simple and painless treatment that involves Dr. Chris Fagan visually examining your entire mouth, including your throat. Our dentist will look for red and white sores on your tongue, cheeks, and gums or will look for any other signs of cancer. Next, he will feel your oral tissues for abnormalities like lumps or bumps. If any sign or symptom is detected, your dentist will tell you all about your next steps in properly diagnosing and treating the problem.

Everyone can benefit from an oral cancer screening. However, if you use tobacco products, frequently consume alcohol, have a family history of oral cancer, and have high exposure to the sun, you would greatly benefit from an oral cancer screening, especially because these things can increase your risk of falling victim to the disease. However, you can still benefit from the screening if you don’t have any of these risk factors.

For more information and details about oral cancer screenings in Enid, Oklahoma, please call Brush Pediatric & Family Dentistry at your earliest convenience. Our dental team will be happy to tell you all we know if you just dial 580-233-0043. We look forward to hearing from you!