Dental Emergency Scenarios: What to Do

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Has your child knocked out a permanent tooth? Does someone in your family have a severe toothache? Is there a mouth injury? Stay calm and call Brush Pediatric & Family Dentistry in Enid, Oklahoma at 580-233-0043. If you’ve already done that and are waiting for professional help, search below for the scenario that is the best fit and follow these simple instructions:


1. Mix a teaspoon of salt with tap water for the afflicted person to gargle.
2. Offer an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin.
3. Apply a cold compress to the cheek to numb the pain and reduce swelling.

Chipped Teeth

1. Rinse the mouth with warm water to remove any teeth fragments.
2. Any of the larger pieces of tooth can be preserved in a glass of cold milk or water. You can bring them later to your appointment with Dr. Chris Fagan.
3. Apply a cold compress to the cheek to reduce swelling.

Missing Teeth

1. Rinse the mouth with cold water.
2. Obtain a fresh tissue or towel to hold the tooth in place. If the damage is too great to do so, put it in a glass of cold water or milk instead, saving it for your dental appointment.
3. In order to reduce any pain or swelling, apply a cold compress to the cheek.

Fractured Jaw

If you’ve already called Brush Pediatric & Family Dentistry you might already know that this emergency may be best treated in a hospital emergency room or with an oral surgeon. In the meantime:
1. Rinse the mouth to remove any blood.
2. Keep the jaw as still as possible.

Brush Pediatric & Family Dentistry understands the anxieties and urgency of these emergencies. We strive to provide you with immediate quality dental relief. Call us at 580-233-0043.